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Welcome to Vincents Realm of Final Fantasy 7

             Welcome to Vincent's Realm...
     Come on in and find whatever it may be you are 
      searching for related to Final Fantasy 7..............

Welcome to Vincents Realm!  Here I have many things for Final Fantasy 7 and if I need something more, tell me about it.  Ok?
If there is anything you think you dont see about Final Fantasy 7 that you think I should have, then please email me and tell me what it is.  I really hope you like my site beacause it is the first one I have ever made.  I hope you enjoy it!
I will also be creating FF8 and FF9 sites, so if I ever do get them started or done or anything, I'll post the links on this homepage.


I can't receive any email right now.  I'm going through a transition.  The site has been the same for years, now, and there hasn't been a real oppurtunity to do anything about it.  For those of you who like it, thanks alot.  I appreciate it.  There will come a day when I do edit it and perhaps make a FF8, FF9, or even FF10 site, even though they are so old nowadays.  *sigh*  Keep coming and one day the updates will occur more frequently.

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This site created on Suday,May 26 2002 by Vincent at with tripod.Thanks for coming!  Everything belongs to it's owner, and I'm not claiming it's mine, so don't sue me.