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Here are some hints and cheats for Final Fantasy 7 and if there is something you think I should include tell me.

- Easier Battle Handicaps:
During Battle Arena in Gold Saucer, rapidly tap square during the "slot machine" handicap. This will slow it down.This may also work with Caits Limit "slots."

- Maneuvering the Highwind:
The Highwind can be turned sideways or flown backwards without turning around. Hold square and press the D-pad in the desired direction while flying.

- Key to Sector 5:
Go to the Bone Village in Disc 3. There should be an X on the ground in front of the ladder to the second level. Talk to the man and dig for normal treasure in the exact center of the X three times. The first time you should get Cid's mop, the second time you should get W-Summon, and the third time you should get the Key to Sector 5.

-Recruit Yuffie:
when you meet Yuffie in the forest, beat her in battle.Talk to her afterwards. DO NOT GO TO THE SAVE POINT OR TO YOUR MENU!!!If you do, she will rob some gil and leave.So, when you talk to her she will start asking questions, answer with first not to fight, then say you are terrified,then say you need her help,then leave because if you ask her name she will still steal some gil.


- In Game Reset:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start.

- Easier Chocobo Races:
Hold L1+ L2 + R1 + R2 while racing a Chocobo to slowly restore stamina.Then quickly press circle to get energy back.

- Avoid Back Attack:
When surprised with a back attack, quickly tap L1 + R1 to turn around.

- Huge Materia in Cid's Rocket:
The code is for the materia is: Circle, Square, X, X.

-The Shira Mansion safe and recruiting Vincent:
The code is:right 36,left 10,right 59,right 97 ,afterwards, get the key when you killthe boss and go down to the locked door.Unlock it with the key and open the middle coffin. Talk with Vincent and then reopen it. Talk more and then leave and Vincent will join.

- Duplicate Items:
When you get the W-item materia, equip it on somebody. Go to item and select the one you want to duplicate.Use it.When selecting second item,push like you are going to use it on enemy, but then press back to items.You will see you have one more of that item. You can do this until you have 99 items!