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Here are all the armors and their defense and all the Ultimate Weapons of each character.

- Armor: Bronze Bangle
- Defense: 8

- Armor: Iron Bangle
- Defense: 10

- Armor: Titan Bangle
- Defense: 14

- Armor: Mithril Armlet
- Defense: 18

- Armor: Carbon Bangle
- Defense: 27

- Armor: Four Slots
- Defense: 12

- Armor: Shinra Beta
- Defense: 30

- Armor: Platinum Bangle
- Defense: 20

- Armor: Silver Armlet
- Defense: 34

- Armor: Gold Armlet
- Defense: 46

- Armor: Edin Coat
- Defense: 50

- Armor: Diamond Bangle
- Defense: 57

- Armor: Rune Armlet
- Defense: 43

- Armor: Dragon Armlet
- Defense: 58

- Armor: Gigas Armlet
- Defense: 59

- Armor: Aurora Armlet
- Defense: 76

- Armor: Wizard Bracelet
- Defense: 6

- Armor: Bolt Armlet
- Defense: 74

- Armor: Fire Armlet
- Defense: 72

- Armor: Crystal Bangle
- Defense: 70

- Armor: Warrior Bangle
- Defense: 96

- Armor: Shinra Alpha
- Defense: 77

- Armor: Ziedrich
- Defense: 100

- Armor: Escort Guard
- Defense: 62

- Armor: Aegis Bracelet
- Defense: 55

- Armor: Imperial Guard
- Defense: 82

- Armor: Minerva Band
- Defense: 60

- Armor: Mystile
- Defense: 65

- Armor: Chocobracelet
- Defense: 35


- Cloud Strife: Ultima Weapon
Location: Before you go into Midgar again, you will see this weapon flying around.Keep on fighting it until it dies at Cosmo Canyon and receive Ultima Weapon.
Power up: The more HP Cloud has the more the Weapon will do.

- Barret Wallace: Missing Score
Location: In your quest to stop the Mako overload in Midgar at the end of Disc 2, there is a chest holding the Missing Score on the staircase just before you reach Hojo. Barret has to be a member of your party to find the weapon.
Power up: Attach Materia to this weapon. Damage is determined by the AP of that materia.

- Tifa Lockhart: Premium Heart
Location: Get the Midgar sector 5 key and go into Midgar.Go to Wall Market.Go into the place marked"item"and get it from the computer.
Power up: Every time she has a Limit Break, but misses with at least 1 spinning wheel, the Premium Heart powers up.

- Aeris Gainsborough: Princess Guard
Location: While engaged in the moving clock game, obtain it from the Ancient's Temple.
Power up: ...

- Red XIII: Limited Moon
Location: In Disc 2, after the monster attacks Midgar, visit Bugenhagen and he will give it to you.
Power up: Like Cloud's weapon, but the MP matters. If you have high MP, it will deal higher damage.

- Yuffie Kisaragi: Conformer
Location: In the sank Shinra plane,it is hidden in the room next to the hallway.
Power up: Damage depends on the experience points of the enemy. If it is high, it powers up higher.

- Cait Sith: HP Shout
Location: In Disc 2, during the raid on Midgar, search the lockers on the 64th floor of the Shinra building to find it.
Power up: It is the same as the Limited Moon that Red XIII gets.

- Vincent Valentine: Death Penalty
Location: When you get his Limit Break manual, you also get his Death Penalty. It is located at the waterfall of Lucretia's cave.You must go see the story in Disc 2, then come back in Disk three to get the items.
Power up: The number of death blows he has delivered decides the weapon's damage.

- Cid Highwind: Venus Gospel
Location:The man who gave Cloud a sword in Disc 1 will stand outside a house by the rocket pad. Talk to him 3 times. This can only be done after the rocket has been destroyed.